STEAG Energy Services GmbH (incorporated in Germany)

Know-how based on experience

Our Services

STEAG Energy Services has long been a synonym for core competencies in engineering services for power plants in Germany and abroad. What started 40 years ago with supporting services for STEAGā€˜s own power plants has meanwhile turned into a factor of success for renowned clients.


Energy Technologies

Engineering and other services for the planning, site supervision and commissioning of power plants and industrial facilities based on renewables and fossils fuels

Plant Services

Operation and maintenance management services for power plants worldwide and staff training.


System Technologies

Intelligent IT solutions for the optimization and monitoring of power plant operation, communication technology solutions.

STEAG Powitec GmbH

Innovative software in combination with optical and acoustic pattern recognition for  improvements in energy efficiency, emission reductions, productivity and process stability.


Nuclear Technologies

Design, construction, decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear facilities; safety analyses and nuclear calculations.

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