STEAG Energy Services GmbH (incorporated in Germany)

Process optimization in the closed control loop  Robotics systems for power plant technology

STEAG Powitec GmbH

STEAG Powitec develops and implements solutions for the fully automatic, self-learning closed loop optimization of power plant processes.

These solutions are a combination of Advanced Process Control with intelligent data processing and acoustic and optical sensors developed by STEAG Powitec for this particular purpose.

The core system is the Advanced Combustion Controller which achieves the following results:

  • Shift independent homogenized operation
  • Increase in boiler efficiency, leading to reduced fuel consumption and reduced emissions
  • Reduced temperature imbalances in the first draft
  • Higher profitability

A multitude of reasons for solutions by STEAG Powitec:

  • Self-optimizing: Process models regularly and autonomously adjust to changed situations, thus expand their knowledge.
  • Flexible: Optimization targets can be changed at any time without re-programming or re-parametrization.
  • Continuous: The process is continuously optimized around the clock, even at good process conditions showing room for improvement.
  • Intelligent:  Target-oriented data correlation and intelligent data processing in a self-learning, predictive, and self-optimizing controller
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