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System Technologies

The division System Technologies of STEAG Energy Services GmbH develops and supplies intelligent solutions for use at the STEAG power plants and external customers‘ sites.

The offered solutions either support the plant operator in managing his duties or help increasing the efficiency of power generation thus improving the customers‘ position in the market. The IT solutions of System Technologies allow to monitor, check, and optimize all essential technical and economic correlations in power generation. The application of practice-oriented solutions creates more transparency, organizes operational processes more safely and efficiently, and makes full use of efficiency potentials.

SR::EPOS // Process Quality Optimization: by way of analysis and intelligent assessment of the power plant process, SR::EPOS identifies potential for optimization, locating particularly not apparent defects.

SR1 // Lifetime Monitoring: continuous monitoring of highly stressed components (headers, spherical parts, Y-pieces, etc.) and permanent determination of their damage due to creep and alternating fatigue .

SR::SPC // Early Warning System: SR::SPC is an intelligent early warning system for automatic process quality monitoring and condition monitoring of plants and processes. By continuously evaluating available performance values, changes in the plants can be detected early on, making it possible to react in time.

SR::BCM // Boiler Cleaning Management System: soot blowing is a necessary procedure for boiler cleaning and temporarily improves the heat rate of the power plant unit. SR::BCM optimizes the cleaning sequence of the steam generator’s heating surfaces in consideration of their respective actual fouling, the flue gas temperature and other process parameters so that the heat rate will be improved permanantly.

SI®/PAM // Operation Management System: system for the IT-based maintenance of technical installations and organization of all relevant administration processes. This practical IT solution makes the users feel the improvements in their daily work flow.


At the Medupi and Kusile sites in South Africa, two power plants with six units each are being equipped with the IT solutions SR1 and SR::BCM of System Technologies.

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