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14.12.2015EBSILON Science and Education Initiative

The winter semester has started, and dozens of EBSILON license requests from Turkey and Poland reached the STEAG Energy Services office in Zwingenberg last week. Bachelor’s and master’s students are asking for EBSILON licenses in order to perform simulations in the context of their theses and projects. Among them are students from well-known universities like the Middle East Technical University and GAZI University in Ankara, Yildiz University in Istanbul, AGH Krakow, and the Technical Universities of Warsaw and Gliwice.

Participants are working on practical exercises at the Gazi University in Ankara

Earlier this year professors, post-doc and PhD students from these universities gathered for workshops in Ankara, Istanbul, and Krakow in order to be trained in EBSILON modeling fundamentals. These workshops being part of the EBSILON Science and Education Initiative, the goal is to supply universities with licenses, training, and in addition lecture material in order to generate as many EBSILON users among young engineers at the beginning of their career paths as possible. To cut a long story short: the vision is to make EBSILON the standard tool for thermodynamic simulations in research and education. Considering massive competition with tools like Gate Cycle and the Thermoflow portfolio as well as the lack of budgets and high level of bureaucracy at universities, the idea was born to combine sales trips with free EBSILON workshops for universities and for interested companies. Organized at a central university campus, interested professors from the home and surrounding universities gathered in groups of 20 to 30 participants, learning the fundamental principles of thermodynamic simulation in EBSILON.
After the training, the participants are able to model conventional and renewable power plant systems, and the professors are offered to carry their newly acquired knowledge into the class rooms. In order to support this, classroom licenses for the period of two semesters and lecture material consisting of slides and exercises are provided free of cost. First lectures involving EBSILON already started last summer semester in Ankara, and this winter Gliwice and Krakow will follow. Assistant Prof. Feyza Kazanc tutoring her EBSILON seminar this winter commented: “The provided training material makes it really easy to set up an own lesson, and the examples provided by the tutors are taken from industrial reality, making the purpose of thermodynamic simulations easy to understand for the students. At the same time, EBSILON has a sound documentation and covers all thinkable technologies”.

This comprehensive approach will generate a broad user basis in the countries of interest like Poland, Turkey and soon also UK in a relatively short time. Bachelor’s and master’s students will carry their knowledge about STEAG’s tool into the companies, giving us access to markets currently owned by our competitors. More workshops will follow accompanied by cooperations with authors of thermodynamic literature, establishing EBSILON as a standard in science and education.

In South Africa Ebsilon did have its first market introduction during the PowerGen in 2014 in Cape Town. The specialists from STEAG conducted a workshop which was well attended and the feedback was very positive. In Software cycles that is a long time ago with a variety of new developments to increase its value for Ebsilon users. Whoever is keen to get updated or needs additional information please use the contacts below.

Contact: Sergej Pulyaev | E-Mail: sergej.pulyaev(at)

Local Contact: Michael Goth | E-Mail:



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